Installing Agriculture Fences, Trellises and Bird Net Systems Throughout the Northeast

Bird Net Systems*

Commercial Small Fruit growers are feeling the effect of growing bird populations, with birds eating or damaging the fruit, with some blueberry growers reporting up to 50% crop loss due to birds. Now, growers have the option of overhead bird netting.

Overhead Bird-Protection Netting by Smart Net Systems Ltdā„¢ is permanently installed on an infrastructure of high-tensile wire and posts. With this system, the crop is completely enclosed and protected. At season's end, the netting is pulled to the end of the field and covered with something like black plastic shrink-wrap to protect it from the elements. In the spring, the netting is unwrapped and pulled back into place. Overhead Netting is designed to be a completely custom system.

*Smart Net Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer of premium netting for protection of blueberries, bramble berries, grapes, cherries, apples and other high-value fruit and vegetable crops.


River Valley Fencing builds trellises for bird net systems using the same high quality fence posts and high tensile wire used in all their agricultural fences, and pound all trellis posts because posts that are pounded rather than augured give far stronger support. Augured trellis posts must be set in concrete for the same stability as pounded posts.

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