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General FAQ

  • Do you provide proof of insurance if requested?
  • Yes I can provide full insurance information, including workers’ compensation and liability.

  • What is High Tensile?
  • High tensile fencing is made from high carbon steel (carbon content of .28%). Regular fencing is made of low carbon steel (carbon content of .10 maximum). The higher the carbon content, the greater the wire strength.

  • High Tensile Fencing is thinner, will it rust faster?
  • All of our high tensile products (Bekaert) have a class-3 zinc coating. This means it has at least double the zinc coating as a class-1 coated fence. This extra protection gives you 2 to 3 times the life expectancy of a class-1 fence

  • Is High Tensile fencing difficult to install?
  • Yes. It is hard to install correctly, and requires a professional using a post driver and specialized equipment to achieve full life expectancy of materials used. Since it is made of high tensile steel, it requires stretching to the proper tension and brace assemblies that can withstand this tension. The strength of high tensile fencing allows you to use a smaller wire, while increasing the strength of your fence. The smaller wire weighs less, therefore making installation easier and allows you to increase pole spacing.

  • How much maintenance does High Tensile Fencing require?
  • With strong brace assemblies and proper installation, sagging is virtually eliminated. Snow, ice, and severe temperature changes have little effect over the life of the fence. There is no more stretching and re-stretching of your fences. (Source: Bekaert Industries)