Trellises are becoming common tools for fruit growers that strive for increased production per acre by planting tree varieties that produce more fruit per acre but require full or partial support. Trellises bear the weight of the tree and fruit, therefore must be installed properly or the posts can be pulled out of the ground, resulting in the collapse of the whole trellis. Proper installation of the posts, done by pounding for maximum strength, careful alignment and strong bracing, similar to fence braces, is critical to ensure optimum capacity to bear the heavy weight of the harvest.

When installing trellises, River Valley Fencing uses the same high quality posts, wires and pounding equipment they use to install agriculture fences. Appreciating the intricacies and economics of fruit production, River Valley Fencing staff work closely with the farmer to design and locate trellises so they are integrated into tree maintenance and harvest; schedule installation to fit into production schedules; and construct trellises that will withstand the weight of the crop and severe weather without collapsing.

Bird Net Systems IMG_3079_thumb

Commercial Small Fruit growers are feeling the effect of growing bird populations, with birds eating or damaging the fruit, with some blueberry growers reporting up to 50% crop loss due to birds. Now, growers have the option of overhead bird netting.

Overhead Bird-Abatement Netting Systems is permanently installed on an infrastructure of high-tensile wire and posts. With this system, the crop is completely enclosed and protected. At season's end, the netting is pulled to the end of the support system, like a curtain, then secured on the support system for the season. In early summer, the netting is pulled back into place.

River Valley Fencing builds trellises for bird net systems using the same high quality fence posts and high tensile wire used in all their agricultural fences, and pounds all trellis posts because posts that are pounded rather than augured give far stronger support. Augured trellis posts must be set in concrete for the same stability as pounded posts.