Specialized Fences and Projects

Specialized Fences and Projects

River Valley Fencing creates more than just agricultural fences for farms and orchards. Over the course of 20 years, Daniel Maltby has recognized the need for more specialized fences that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the land owner, institution or public property. There has been an increase demand for deer exclusion fences in botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, public gardens, research farms, and private gardens. River Valley Fencing’s projects have included agricultural research facilities, public parks, botanical gardens, and conservancies, academic settings, solar fields, dog parks, and a variety of environmental preservation projects. They have extensive experience working on USDA/government funded projects.

In addition to designing the right fence for the right space, River Valley Fencing uses the best materials to match the site. High tensile, woven wire is the perfect option when biodiversity, invisibility, effectiveness and cost are important considerations. The strength, longevity and visual permeability of the woven wire is unmatched in the industry.


The use of an agricultural fence, which is visually permeable, to enclose a solar field has become one of the most practical and cost-effective barriers because it addresses issues of wildlife exclusion, zoning, and aesthetics.


River Valley Fencing designs and installs deer exclusion fences that meet the specific aesthetic and utility requirements for sensitive projects such as botanical gardens, public parks and conservancies, and home landscapes. The black coated wire and the longest post spacing creates fences that are almost completely visually permeable. In addition, the River Valley Fencing team has extensive experience working in difficult terrain while not damaging specific plants and crops.special project bird cage_thumb